I’ve never instructed my daughter to use her imagination; I don’t even remember when imaginative play is supposed to begin.  This, in and of itself, is a small miracle.  The perfectionist in me, coupled with a few developmental psych classes wants to look up every possible “milestone” and help my kiddo reach it as early as possible.  Thankfully, copious amounts of spit-up, mustard colored poop, sleepless nights and a few wise mom blogs mellowed me a bit.

That’s not to say I don’t encourage our daughter to pretend – we love to take rides on our boat (my bed) and act like dinosaurs (she has a great roar).  But I’ve never sat her down and instructed her to use her imagination.  And you know what?  Yesterday while at a friend’s house for dinner, she grabbed a basket of wooden sticks and started doing all of our hair.  Our hostess remarked, “Wow, she has a great imagination.”

And that right there is the miracle.  I didn’t need to give my two-year old daughter a 10 point lesson in how to use her imagination.  We just played.