Do you ever desperately want to skip out on something?  A lunch date, a concert, a work meeting, brushing your preschooler’s teeth?  While we cannot often indulge in skipping without serious consequences – broken friendships, lack of culture, getting fired or a huge dental bill and mommy guilt – sometimes skipping something you’re “supposed” to go to is just the indulgence you need to remain sane.

And that’s just what I’m doing.  Tonight is the Christmas concert at our church and I’m not going.  Neither is my daughter.  We’re staying home.  She’ll get to bed on time, I’ll get some alone time and neither of us will regret it tomorrow.  My husband is going because he’s on staff and skipping the concert for him tonight is the same as skipping work – which I don’t condone.  But even he will benefit from our skipping indulgence.  A better rested wife and daughter is always a win.