I started to title this “I hate crafts” but remembered the importance of words and thought better of it (especially since my daughter is suddenly declaring she “loves” all sorts of things).  I have never been a huge fan of crafts.  I distinctly remember complaining to my mom about craft time during summer day camp in elementary school.  I didn’t understand why we had to glue things when we could be swimming.  Perhaps more importantly in my young mind: I was terrible at almost every craft I tried.  But now I’m a mom and it seems everyone around me is super crafty and loves every minute of it, including my daughter.  So here are some ideas to help you out when crafts just aren’t your thing.

1. Stop Feeling Guilty

Craftiness isn’t a requirement for motherhood and you don’t have to adore crafts to instill creativity and a love of learning into your child.

2. Keep it Simple

If crafts aren’t your thing don’t force yourself into a long and complicated project.  When your children are young they won’t know the difference and when they’re older they can do much of it independently. My idea of craft time can be as simple as crayons and paper or play dough and a clean surface.

3. Give it a Chance

There’s nothing like watching your child derive pleasure from an activity to begin finding it pleasurable yourself.  I’ve also discovered that one of the reasons I didn’t like crafts as a child was because I was very practical even at that young age.  I knew my craft would likely end up stuffed in a box somewhere labeled “Stephanie’s creations” and that didn’t appeal to me.  When I got older I realized that crafts could serve a purpose. I somehow ended up in a basket weaving class in junior high and made several baskets that still serve a purpose in my house today: one holds some dominoes another my daughter’s socks and still another winter gloves and hats.  Try giving crafts a chance by looking at them through your child’s eyes or by making something that will serve a practical purpose in your home.


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