You know how it goes. My daughter got sick first, probably picking something up from the church nursery. And for some inexplicable reason, I got sick too. I’m sure her breathing, sneezing and coughing in my face had nothing to do with it. Now I’ve been up since 4am because I can’t breathe through my nose, my face feels like it’s going to explode and my mouth is perpetually dry. Since I can’t sleep I thought I’d share some tips for making it through sick days.

1. Look for something positive

It can be anything. Just find something to remind yourself that it’s not all bad. This morning I’m grateful that my daughter is still sleeping and didn’t wake up once last night from coughing. I hope this means she’ll feel much better today.

2. Give yourself a break

Every time I get sick these days I feel like a wimp. I mean for goodness sake I only have a cold. But then I remember I have a cold and a toddler with a cold. This means our days are ripe for low energy, meltdowns and little sleep. It’s hard. Parenting on days everyone feels great can be tough so give yourself a break when anyone is under the weather.

3. Lower your expectations…

It’s okay if you watch a few extra Super Why episodes or eat whatever doesn’t make your throat hurt.
4. …but insist on basic courtesy
It’s tempting to let poor behavior slide when my kiddo is sick and some of that is okay. I understand that more meltdowns and less patience are par for the course during illness. However, I still find it’s important to not allow total chaos by gently reminding my daughter (and myself) that we still need to be nice.

5. Rest
My daughter seems to recover from illness much faster than I do and I think it’s because she inevitably gets more rest when she’s sick.  When she’s sick I prioritize rest for her but then forget to do so for myself when I get sick.  Look for rest wherever you can when you’re sick (even if you can’t sleep) and watch your recovery proceed much faster. 

Does anyone have any tips to help us make it through the end of this cold?