Feeling overwhelmed? Take a nap.

Getting sick a lot? Go to bed earlier.

Dragging yourself through each and every day? Get some sleep.

I don’t want to be simplistic, but the reality is many of us do not get enough sleep. We wear exhaustion as a badge of honor. It would be counter-cultural not to be tired on a regular basis.

Perhaps the question is this: Do we really think we’re so important to the world that we can’t take adequate care of the bodies we were given? Or maybe the question is: Do we really think we’re so unimportant that our well-being doesn’t matter? Or maybe it’s simply a matter of discipline.

For me, it’s probably a matter of discipline. But regardless of the reason, life is simply easier when we’re well-rested. And I’ve never regretted going to bed early.

Do you get enough sleep? If so, how do you make this happen in our overtired society? If not, what do you think is behind your lack of sleep?

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