While I’m a huge proponent of kids having lots of unstructured playtime and I myself am not a very crafty person, our daughter seems to be craving slightly more structured activities lately.

Though she didn’t use these words, she’s been letting me know I need to step it up. (Though I have no doubt she would use those words if she heard them enough because the other day she said, “Relax mommy, chill”).

So these last few weeks I’ve been rotating in some special (and as simple as possible for mom) activities after her nap (thank you Pinterest).

Bath Paints

Source: ptskjohnson.blogspot.com via Stephanie on Pinterest

I didn’t have any body wash on hand so I used lotion instead because we somehow have way too much lotion. I just added a little bit of water and got this:

And it smelled good too.


What our daughter calls “the squeezing game”

Source: Uploaded by user via Stephanie on Pinterest


I tried to find an original link for where this picture came from but couldn’t. It’s just baking soda in a shallow pan and vinegar with food coloring. Anyway, our daughter exclaimed, “this is so much fun” and “it’s making funny noises” while doing this activity. And I got a whole bunch of groceries put away in the meantime.

We used a medicine dropper and got some great results:


Gluten Free Zucchini Bread

Some friends from church loaded us up with some zucchini so I thought it’d be a great time to try out this recipe.


Our daughter loves to help mix:

We decided to make it into muffins instead. They were delicious.


Ice Cubes for Bath Time

She loved catching them and watching them get smaller and smaller.



Pipe Cleaners and Colandar


Our daughter’s version of this involved simply pushing them straight through. She had no interest in making a design but she seemed to enjoy it.


Milk Art

And last (and probably least in our daughter’s mind) we tried out this project.

Source: evie-s.com via Stephanie on Pinterest


The project worked but I didn’t get very good pictures of it. And our daughter didn’t like it too much because it involved too much looking and not enough doing. 🙂

Overall the activities have been a success and they make waiting for daddy to get home from work after nap time much more enjoyable.

Have you done any craft or experiments or projects with your kids lately? Have you found Pinterest helpful?