Do you have a chore you absolutely despise doing? I’m not one to love chores in the first place, but my most dreaded chore is doing dishes. I loathe it. Some people talk about how doing dishes by hand is relaxing. I’m happy for them and they can come relax at my house anytime.

Our first 8 years of marriage we did not have a dishwasher. So there were a lot of dishes to do by hand. This wouldn’t have been so bad if dishes weren’t one of my husband’s most dreaded chores as well.

Unsolicited dating advice: if he hates the same chores as you do, he’s not marriage material. Just kidding. Mostly.

I’ve said that Dan and I do our bestΒ not to keep score in our marriage,Β but when it came to dishes with no dishwasher that’s exactly what we did. We played Uno. And kept score. And the loser did dishes. The winner got the great prize of doing any other necessary cleaning besides dishes.

Now for the first time ever we have a dishwasher. And I have an unhealthy attachment to it. I literally find myself thanking God for our dishwasher on a weekly basis. If it breaks, you’ll probably find me crying in the closet. And breaking out the Uno deck.

What chore(s) do you most dread?

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