A couple weeks ago I wrote a snack list on our whiteboard. A visible list worked wonders in reducing snack time troubles. But I didn’t want to leave the list on the whiteboard forever. So I put the list in my food binder.

I’ve been making meal and grocery lists for a long time now. But I’ve been frustrated lately by having to run around and find recipes for making a grocery list and then find them again when it’s time to cook. Of course I wouldn’t be frustrated if my recipes weren’t a disaster. But they are. I have recipes in cookbooks, sure. But mostly they are printed out from the internet or typed up by me or torn out of magazine. And they’re everywhere. I haven’t taken the time to organize the recipes yet so I’m taking baby steps to get more organized.

This is where the food binder comes in.

Each week before I go grocery shopping, I make up a meal list and put it in my food binder. I then gather all my recipes or print new ones off and put them in the binder for the week to come. If my recipe is coming from one of my cookbooks, I like to put the page number next to the meal on my meal list. When the week is over, I can put the recipes from the food binder into my recipe binder. This way I’m slowly getting my recipes in order.

Eventually I’d like my food binder to contain:

  • The week’s meal list
  • The recipes for that week in order
  • A master list of snacks
  • A master list of main dishes
  • A master list of side dishes

How do you organize your weekly meals/recipes? Any ideas for additions to my food binder?

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