We live in a culture that glorifies busyness and looks down on rest. Carving out time to take a break often seems next to impossible.

Lately, Dan and I have been convinced of the importance of having 24 hrs(ish) a week where we just stop. For us that looks like staying away from the computer and doing only basic chores (such as meal clean up). We check our phones a couple of times to make sure no one is in dire straits – everything else waits a day.

Instead we focus on family time, reading, playing games and spending some alone time with God. We’ve noticed that once the 24 hrs(ish) is over we are refreshed and much more productive.

Now you certainly don’t need to follow the same exact path we do. And it might take a while to find what works for you. We tried several different ideas before we landed on how we do it now. (In the past we tried to make it one full day but realized it works better if we do it from our daughter’s bedtime one night until her bedtime the next night). And I’m sure we’ll change things up again in the future. But now that we’ve had a taste of rest, we’re committed to making it a priority.

Do you set aside a day for resting?

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