When we mess up with our children we need to apologize. Why? Because it’s the right thing to do. But here are six more reasons:

1. Apologizing teaches our kids that authority doesn’t equal infallibility. Adults can and do mess up.

2. Taking responsibility for our actions models humility and respect. Our kids will learn the most from the example we set for them.

3. Admitting when we’re wrong sets up an atmosphere our kids will want to return to. Who wants to come back to a home where only the kids can be wrong?

4. Saying sorry acknowledges the fact that the truth matters. It teaches our kids that they don’t need to side with us when we’re wrong.

5. Asking for our children’s forgiveness shows them the necessity of vulnerability in relationships.

6. Acknowledging our own propensity to sin gives our kids a chance to practice grace.

Do you have reasons to add?

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