I’m an evangelical pastor’s wife. I’m not sending my daughter to preschool and I plan to homeschool. We have one car and no cable. It might be easy to assume I greatly fear the “world’s” influence on my daughter.

But the truth is, I’m not that worried about the world – at least not in the traditional sense. I’m not worried about prayer being taken out of school. I’m not worried about atheism creeping into our culture. I’m not particularly worried about my daughter hearing swear words.

I am worried about the influence of Christianity. Not Jesus, mind you. But the way we do our faith. The religiousness of it.

I’m worried my daughter will think taking prayer out of public schools is a national crisis, instead of realizing the absence of prayer in our homes and churches is the problem.

I’m concerned my daughter will learn to be scared of gay people, kids who swear, adults who have a glass of wine with their dinner, Muslims, atheists and agnostics.

I’m afraid of the old lady who tells her, “God is watching everything you do so you better not mess up or He’ll get you.”

But most of all, I fear my daughter will wonder if she’ll ever be good enough for this God she’s grown up learning about.

Perhaps then, I am most afraid of the world. Because you can’t get more worldly than exchanging Jesus and the Gospel of grace for religion and a Gospel of self-righteousness.

Do you find yourself fearing something for your child that is rather ironic? Tomorrow I’ll be discussing how I’m calming my greatest fear for my child.

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