Rotating toys continues to be a beneficial practice around here. But recently, I’ve also started rotating our kiddo’s books and stuffed animals. Here’s how and why…

Right before Christmas we did a purge of our daughter’s toys and it inspired us to further declutter. We tackled our guest room closet and pretty soon had some extra room.

Now if there’s anything I don’t really purge, it’s my kiddo’s books – we read aloud as part of our daily routine and I’m just a softy for books. But our numerous books don’t easily stay where they’re supposed to, and it’s hard for my kiddo to make a choice about what to read when there are so many options.

So, with an empty closet and an extra bookshelf, we transformed the closet into a home library. I did get rid of some “twaddle -y” type books but kept the majority. I divided the books into two categories: books that are just about right for our kiddo’s age and books that, while a little young for her, are still fun to read.

Having some shelf room leftover, I thought about the increasing number of stuffed animals crowding her out of her bed. Once again, I went through and got rid of some stuffed animals and then placed the rest in, on and around the bookshelf.

Now every few days we “go to the library” and I let her “check out” 10 books (6 from the just-right category and 4 from the little-too-young-but-still-fun category) and 5 stuffed animals. I do let her keep a couple of her favorite books and stuffed animals out all the time. She loves returning her old books and using an imaginary scanner to check out new ones. And now she doesn’t agonize over which books to pick when we read aloud. I love how much easier it is to clean up her books and animals at the end of the day.

Do you have a system for corralling books and stuffed animals?

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