Since we’ve spent a lot of time being sick the last month or so, we’ve also spent a lot of time indoors. And we haven’t had the energy to buy supplies or do anything elaborate. Here are some extremely cheap and easy ways we curbed boredom for our kiddo.


Give my kid a washcloth, some dish soap (I water it down so she can use as much as she wants) and various containers and she can stay entertained for quite a while. Variation: washing her toy animals in the bathroom sink.


A pair of scissors and various materials for cutting is a super cheap way to keep a preschooler occupied. Suggestions: scrap paper, old magazines, cardboard, junk mail, etc.

Cardboard Boxes

They can be stacked and knocked over. Or transformed into pirate ships. Or made into an obstacle course. Our daughter’s current favorite thing is to color all over them. And use them as a table for a snack.

Sack Races

I’m not sure where she got the idea, but the other day my daughter grabbed a pillowcase, stepped in and asked me to blow the whistle. Though I felt awful, she was having a good day and spent 30 minutes jumping around my bed while I narrated a pretend track and field day. Variations: any kind of imaginative play your kiddo is currently interested in.

What’s Your Favorite…

My kiddo loves playing the “what’s your favorite game.” Need ideas? Ask your kiddo about his favorite:

  • fruit
  • vegetable
  • snack
  • color
  • song
  • TV show
  • animal
  • room in the house
  • drink
  • shirt
  • pajamas

Variations: any other “talking” game. I Spy or rhyming games are always a hit. We play the “silly game” where we ask questions and then answer them in a really silly way. For instance, “what do you want to eat?” “Trees!” My daughter gets very enthusiastic about her silly answers.

What cheap and easy boredom busters can you add to the list?