A decade of marriage. Unbelievable.

I feel old. Except not.

I also feel incredibly blessed. While I think all marriages take hard work, I’m so grateful for a husband who’s always willing to put forth the effort. A husband who doesn’t keep score and puts the target on the wall. I admire his patience and his kindness. And I love that he admires things about me.

We’ve been through a lot in these 10 years. Four states. Three degrees. Two kids.

We’ve woken to some heart-wrenching days. We’ve gone to bed broken. We’ve learned more about each other and ourselves than we’ve wanted to at times. But we’ve done it all together.

We’ve laughed harder than I thought possible. We’ve pushed each other to grow. We’ve watched God shape us individually and together. We’ve shared shared tents, smoothies, numerous adventures and the birth of two awesome kids.

We still like each other.

And I’m thrilled at the hope of another decade.