We try to keep gift-giving simple with our kiddos which is why last year we started following the want, need, wear, read model of giving gifts. Since our kiddos are four years old and seven months old, we will only follow this pattern with our four year old this year. Our little one will be plenty happy trying to put wrapping paper in his mouth: no presents necessary.

Here’s our plan for our daughter:


Same as last year: stuff her stocking with lots of crafting supplies. She specifically asked for glue sticks.


I always have trouble with the word need because it’s such a strong word. Nevertheless, it makes the giving model rhyme so what can you do? I just ordered this Today Is…Calendar thingy. Our kiddo is very interested in the days of the week, weather, months, etc., and I’ve been looking for a way to gently reinforce these concepts. I think this will make an excellent addition to our morning routine.


We have been incredibly blessed in that we STILL have hardly bought a thing for our daughter’s wardrobe in her four years of life. We’ve bought some shoes and an occasional outfit here and there, but most of what she wears was handed down to us. Therefore, she doesn’t really need anything on the wear front. So, we thought we’d get her a dress-up outfit. My mom found a second hand doctor’s coat from Melissa and Doug, and our kiddo loves to put it on and give everyone immunizations. We’re not quite sure which one we’re going to get her yet…there are so many good options.


We’re adding to our Christmas books again this year. Last year we got our daughter The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey and Room for a Little One: A Christmas Tale. This year we plan to give her The Crippled Lamb.

What’s your strategy for purchasing your kids’ Christmas presents?

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