Oh, that isn’t helpful? Okay, let me try again. It’s not going to be easy but hey, sometimes we have no choice. I’ve been there, done that (once with an almost two year old and once with a 5 month old and four year old) so here are some tips that focus specifically on the kids’ aspects of moving.

1. Let Up on the Rules

Consider allowing more screen time. Pull out the paper plates. Pick up some take out.

2. Keep Your Basic Rhythm

Letting up on the rules will buy you some valuable time, but don’t throw your daily routine out the window. Protect sleep times in particular – overtired children and moving don’t mix.

3. Be Positive but Honest

When we moved from Massachusetts to Alabama with our almost two year old we didn’t tell her much of anything – she wouldn’t have understood. But when we moved from Alabama to Michigan, she was four. We told her the truth, accentuating the positives. But we also answered her questions honestly – even if we knew she wouldn’t like the answer.

4. Give Extra Snuggles

Whether your kiddos can comprehend your move or not, they will definitely sense something is amiss. Don’t forget to stop and give extra snuggles throughout the day, and especially at bedtime.

5. Have Fun

Make packing fun. Hand your toddler some washable markers and let him color all over the boxes. Throw some old clothes on your preschooler and let her jump in the mud while you’re cleaning out the garage. Put on some loud music and dance while you sort.

6. Ask for Help

Do you know how much packing you can get done in an hour without your kids? A ridiculous amount – especially if you plan ahead and are all ready to go the second your kiddos leave the house. Alternatively, ask a teenager to come by the house and watch the kids while you work.

7. Consider their Stuff

Moving is a great time to simplify your kid’s toys and clothing. But be sure to keep all your kiddos favorites around until right before the move. Then pack them up all up in a special box that will get opened as soon as you arrive at your new destination.

8. Surprise Them

Take them out for ice cream the day before you move. Pack a “moving backpack” with their favorite toys and snacks and present it to them the day of the move. Head to a park the morning after you arrive in your new place. Some simple surprises and time together will go a long way in easing your little one’s apprehension.

Do you have any tips for a big move with little kids?