A few weeks ago I realized I wasn’t doing so great. I was overwhelmed, easily angered and generally frustrated with life. Most of all, I was frustrated with myself for feeling this way. After all, we just moved closer to family, Dan’s enjoying his new job, we’re all healthy. Where was all this frustration coming from?

The more I pushed ahead with daily life, the more frustrated I became. When I finally stopped and took some time to reflect, I realized there were some pretty good reasons to feel overwhelmed. We had just moved across the country with a 5 month old and a four year old. Packing, organizing, updating companies with your address while nursing a little one and attempting some normalcy for your preschooler: that’s tough. Throw in a new job, a new church and the holidays and some “overwhelm” is to be expected.

But between diaper changes and calling the realtor and meeting the neighbors and finding the grocery store and giving baths and reading bedtime stories and falling into bed yourself, it’s so easy to forget the big picture. It’s so easy to stop honoring how God made you. And what you need because of it.

As soon as I realized (with much help from my husband who gives me more grace than I ever give myself) how much had transpired over the last few months, I realized there wasn’t anything particularly wrong with me. I just needed to take some time to recharge. To stop being so frustrated with myself and spend some time taking care of myself.

So, I’ll be doing a series on self-care on Fridays because writing is one of the ways I reflect best. I’d love it if you’d join me.

Do you find yourself getting so wrapped up in daily life you forget the big picture? And to take care of yourself?