One of our family values is simple living. While living simply looks different for everyone, for us this means evaluating our finances, our stuff and our time on a regular basis.

Are we living within our means?

Does the stuff we have add or detract to our lives?

Are we structuring our lives so we have time for what’s important?

But why bother? What is the point of living simply? Here are three reasons we choose to live simply.

1. It’s Less Stressful

Out of control spending is stressful. Who wants to worry about whether they can pay their bills?

Clutter is stressful. It’s so nice to walk into a house where everything has it’s place (no, I’m not actually there yet).

Constant busyness is stressful. It’s exhausting when our days, weeks and months are so jam packed that the thought of adding in one more thing makes us want to cry.

2. It’s More Fun

Less stress allows for more fun. Less debt means more money for meaningful pursuits. Less stuff means less time picking up after ourselves and more time for fun activities. Margins in our days allow for occasional spontaneity.

3. It Allows Us to Give

Simple living lends itself to generous giving. We are more likely to be able to help others when our finances, stuff and time aren’t caving in on us.