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Babies are wonderful. Babies are hard. And after spending a lot of time reflecting on it, I still believe you don’t have to enjoy every minute of parenting (and that it’s okay, even good, to admit when you don’t).

That said, I know I can get caught up in the negative (lack of sleep anyone?) when there are so many more positives. My son recently turned one and left the baby stage behind. Reflecting on the last year (and my daughter’s first year), here are eight awesome things about babies.

The Smell

Oh my goodness their little heads smell better than anything in the whole world. And before they start solids, their poop doesn’t even smell that bad. 🙂

The Cuddling

And the finger grabbing. And the sleeping on your chest. Followed by the open mouth kisses.

The Sounds

The funny grunts give way to coos which give way to squeals of laughter and babbling. Nothing is more delightful than the content and happy sounds of a baby.

The Toothless Grin

You can’t help but smile back no matter how bad your day!

The Softness

Your child’s skin will never be this soft again. Enjoy.

The Toes

Everything is so itsy bitsy. The toes. And the fingers. And the fingernails. Oh my!

The Learning

Never again will you see so many changes in your child in a year. They go from depending on you for every little thing to eating by themselves, crawling, walking, saying their first words, playing peek-a-boo. And to think it all happens without us directly teaching them anything!

The Eating

After overcoming any initial eating struggles you may experience, the time you spend cuddling and feeding your baby is so precious. Whether you nurse or bottle feed, it’s awesome to watch your little ones relax in your arms so contently as you provide them the only nourishment they need.

What do you find awesome about babies?