Yesterday, I turned 30. We celebrated by staying home and hanging out. My idea of a perfect birthday weekend. Hmm, that makes me sound older than 30… 🙂

Here are 30 things I’ve learned in 30 years…

  1. Stuff won’t make you happy. Nope. Never.
  2. There’s a difference between organizing and decluttering. Yay for getting rid of stuff!
  3. Put the target on the wall. We’re in this together.
  4. Staring out at nature calms the soul. For me, it’s a big body of water (Lake Michigan in particular). If you grew up by the mountains, it’s probably the mountains for you.


  1. Sometimes opening the Bible is hard.
  2. Introverts are awesome. And we know it. 😉
  3. The people we disagree with the most, often have the most to teach us – if we’re willing to listen.
  4. The influence of Christianity on my kids sometimes scares me. Mainly because Jesus and Christianity are often at odds.
  5. Having great relationships with my siblings is nothing to take for granted. Love you all!
  6. Limits are something to be grateful for. We can’t all do everything, thank goodness.
  7. Marriage is awesome. And I’m married to an awesome man.
  8. Marriage is hard work. And I’m thankful for a partner who’s willing to work so hard alongside me.
  9. Books provide perspective, new worlds, escape and a cure for loneliness. Always be reading something.
  10. Kids change everything. Sometimes that’s really hard. Most of the time, it’s really, really awesome.
  11. I’m an INTJ. No I don’t hate you.
  12. I’m a 3 on the enneagram. Yes, sometimes I forget to put people first. But I still don’t hate you. Promise.
  13. Gossip destroys. It’s not worth it. Ever. (And oh do I wish I could go back and learn this one earlier).
  14. Children change our bodies. But our bodies can still be strong.
  15. It never hurts to give someone the benefit of the doubt. Do unto others…
  16. Learning comes naturally when it’s enjoyable.
  17. Letting people change is often the greatest gift we can give to others. Aren’t you grateful for the people who don’t hold who you once were against you? And for those who encourage you to grow?
  18. Sometimes life is curl-up-in-ball-and-cry-your-eyes-out hard. Our world is filled with the devastation of our collective choices – past and present.
  19. But sometimes we get a glimpse of the kingdom coming. And the beauty is simply overwhelming.
  20. The more I know, the more I know I don’t know.
  21. It’s true that the days with kiddos can be terribly long. And the years incredibly short.
  22. Learning is a lifelong process. No need for alarm. Observe. Discover. Enjoy.
  23. Worry will waste your day (or life) away. Stop thinking about things you can’t change.
  24. Thankfulness takes practice (at least if you’re an INTJ). Develop the habit.
  25. Never say a negative word about your body (or anyone else’s) in front of your children. Better yet, never say a negative word about your body at all. And work hard to get rid of your negative internal dialogue while you’re at it.
  26. Above all, love God and each other deeply.

What have you learned lately?