Happy first day of fall! It’s felt like fall around here for a while now but that’s kind of how I like it. Jeans and sweatshirt weather is my favorite. (I’m trying not to let it remind me that winter is coming.)

Now that we’ve been in Michigan for almost a year, our youngest sleeps through the night most nights and summer is over, we’ve finally reached a steady rhythm to our weeks. I love getting ideas from other people’s schedules, routines and rhythms so I thought I’d share ours for anyone interested in a peek inside our days.


AM: Church. We go early with Dan each week. The kiddos LOVE dancing to the piped in music they have playing while Dan has meetings or gets some last minute work done before church.

PM: Simplify. The kiddos and I try to go through our house weekly and pull things out to donate that we no longer use. (Dan works Sundays).


AM: Preschool. This is our time for formal learning at home.

PM: Daddy and Kiddo Time. Dan goes to work super early on Mondays and gets off by the time nap time ends. He and the kiddos often head to a park or wrestle on the living room floor. I try to do a bit of writing, picking up and I get dinner on the table without any little helpers. 🙂


AM: Out and About. We go to the park with friends. Or have a play date. Or ride bikes. Or whatever suits our fancy and gets us out of the house.

PM: Baking. We eat gluten free around here ,and gluten free gets expensive quickly. By having a weekly baking session we can have homemade muffins or granola bars to cut down on expenses and give us some yummy treats all week long.


AM: Preschool.

PM: Get Outside. We only have one car, and Dan takes it to work on Wednesdays so we play in the yard or go on a walk. More on life with one car to come…


AM: Library Story Time.

PM: Grocery Shopping. We go right before we pick Dan up from work so I have his help carrying things in/watching the kiddos when we get home.


AM: Daddy and Kiddo Time. This is when I do the majority of my writing and have some extended alone time. It is wonderful. I’m so grateful both my kiddos and husband are happy to let me have it. (Friday is Dan’s day off).

PM: Family Clean Up. We spend Friday afternoons picking up, cleaning and getting ready for family day on Saturday.


AM: Family Time. We do our best to enforce a no electronics rule on Saturdays. We avoid our phones and computers and don’t watch any shows unless we do a family movie together.

PM: More Family Time. The beach, the park, cuddling and reading time, the world is our oyster on Saturdays.

A few notes:

  • This is our daytime rhythm. Our evenings vary quite a bit depending on the season.
  • Nap time is the big anchor in our day. It roughly splits the day in two (the kids are early risers, our youngest is an early napper and they go to bed fairly early as well) so our weekly rhythm falls into morning and afternoon activities.
  • I used to call our loose structure a flexible routine. But I think rhythm more accurately reflects what we’re going for here.
  • Rhythms emerge out of our family values. Forcing rhythm doesn’t work. Neither does coming up with a comprehensive plan. It always take a long time to get a full-on rhythm going.
  • This is our ideal week. I don’t know if we’ve ever actually had a week where we did everything just like this. And sometimes things go haywire and we do absolutely none of this. At all.
  • Our rhythm is flexible. We ditch things that aren’t working for us. And if it’s a beautiful day we might forget baking, call up friends and head to the park.
  • I can’t spell “rhythm” for the life of me. Drives. Me. Crazy. Thank you spell check.

Hope you enjoyed a peek into our typical week. Do you have a weekly rhythm? Why or why not?