September was a little less crazy than August. Here’s what I’ve been into…

Reading & Other Media

The first half of this month I read Interrupted and Desperate (see Twitter for lots of great quotes from Desperate!). Both of these books made me think. I had to slow myself down several times to let the ideas percolate.

Then I devoured What Alice Forgot (fast moving novel that also makes you think) and Nurture by Nature (as a Myers Brigg nerd I loved the focus on kid’s personality types). Trying to decide what to read next…suggestions always welcome.

Dan and I finished the Harry Potter movies. They were great but I’m sad they’re over. I can’t wait until my kids are old enough to start enjoying the books and then the movies.

And of course, Parenthood started up again. And who doesn’t want a guaranteed cry once a week?

Around the Web

Growing up conservative Baptist and on the fringes of fundamentalism, I personally know people who are part of the stay at home daughter movement. This post caught my attention last week and I’m so grateful for the woman who says:

We educate girls and women for the same reason we educate boys and men. We educate our daughters because they are made in God’s image. Full. Stop…The doctrine of imago Dei teaches that every human being, every man and woman, every boy and, yes, every girl is made in God’s image, destined to reflect His character and to represent Him on this earth.

On a lighter and completely awesome note, did you know that parts of Chicago were raised in the 1850s and 60s? As in buildings, and once an entire block, jacked up 4 to 14 feet – often when people were still in them! Craziness.

Around here we’ve been talking about 5 things I want my daughter to know, our fall rhythm and how “when the milk spills and the laundry piles up and 11pm turns into 2am turns into dawn. You are not alone.”

Around Real Life

We’ve had dentist appointments (no cavities, yay!) and library story times and lots of grocery shopping trips. The kids and I stuck it out alone for three days while Dan spent time in Texas for a conference (my kids DO NOT sleep well when Daddy is gone). We checked out Art Prize in Grand Rapids and we celebrated our daughter’s 5th birthday. October is gearing up to be a busy month around here so we’re getting ready.

What have you been into this month?

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