Sassy and Carter's Hug N Tug Baby Toys Recalled from Flickr via Wylio
© 2000 US CPSC, Flickr | CC-BY | via Wylio

Our kids don’t have a ton of toys. Even so, they have enough that we rotate them on a regular basis. And we donate toys on a regular basis. Particularly before Christmas. But why limit our number of toys? Because it does great things for our family. Having fewer toys…

1. Saves Money

Which leaves more room in our budget for experiences rather than things.

2. Encourages Creativity

Because kids can play with cardboard boxes and paper and balls and dirt and bugs. And they do this much more imaginatively when there aren’t lots of toys cluttering their space.

3. Opens a Conversation

About stuff and wants vs. needs and privilege. And money and budgeting and priorities. About people being more important than things.

4. Creates Time

Fewer things means less time taking care of them and more time caring for each other. Woohoo!

5. Creates Space

For impromptu wrestling matches or an extra guest for dinner. For relationships to take precedence over stuff.

Do you limit your kids toys? What benefits have you seen from having fewer toys?