Growing Hands from Flickr via Wylio
© 2011 Andrew Blight, Flickr | CC-BY | via Wylio

Dear Brand New Mama,

I hope you are sitting down a lot. Cuddling a lot. Dear God, I hope you’re getting at least some sleep.

I hope you have help. I hope someone is willing to drop the world to wrap their arms around you and your brand new little one.

I hope you’re not worried that you’re getting it all wrong. I hope no one is making you feel guilty for your choices or lack thereof. I hope you’re enjoying this heart-wrenchingly beautiful, exhausting time, but not feeling guilty if you’re not.

I hope you know there’s a wide range of normal for babies and new mamas and feelings and thoughts and feedings and sleeping and the growth of bodies and love.

I hope you’re giving yourself grace. And that others are as well.

And I hope that if you find yourself feeling and thinking a bit outside of that very wide normal range, that you talk to your doctor. Because there is never shame in asking for help.

I hope people are bringing you meals and offering to leave their phones on if you need to call in the middle of the night.

I hope you can look down at your soft belly, criss-crossed with stretch marks and be in awe of what your body just did. Or that you can look at your still-firm abs and the child that was placed, not born into your arms and know that bodies don’t a mama make.

Dear new mama, I hope you feel loved and cherished right now. Because you are doing amazing, amazing things. You are sustaining a life. A real, human life: amidst all the feelings and the crying of babies and mamas. You are part of a miracle.

You, brand new mama. You are a miracle.