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I haven’t intentionally had a bite of gluten in 9 years. Gluten makes me sick. So I avoid it religiously.

But in all of my searching for gluten free recipes and as I read up on where gluten likes to hide, I stumbled across a litany of other dangers: sugar, non-gluten grains, dairy, etc. I found myself staring at (often conflicting) information about raw milk, the importance of fermenting vegetables and applying essential oils. Or at least sprouting your own grains.

And I fell into the trap.

The trap that told me if I simply do things right, avoid enough bad things and input enough good, I can heal myself. That if I figure out the right formula I will arrive.

I fell for another form of the age-old lie that if I just. work. hard. enough I can make everything okay.

But when we forget our brokenness, we lose.

We lose the relief of not having to save ourselves.

We lose the realization that we all are going to die. And that stress might get us there first if we don’t chill out and stop trying to save ourselves.

And I agree that lots of sugar is bad. And that more fruits and vegetables and fewer refined foods in my diet make me feel better. A lot better in fact.

But my brokenness will not find resolution in food. Or decluttering. Or saving the world.

Instead, my hope must remain firmly planted in the healing power of the resurrection past, present, and future. There my brokenness will find its current and final resolution.

Do you ever find yourself believing that if you try hard enough you can personally solve all your ails?