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Is there any parent on the planet who hasn’t been absolutely amazed at how their 13 pacifiers have completely and utterly vanished right when that small, helpless, calm, cuddly baby turns red-faced and screaming?

If you’re not a parent, pacifiers are like pens. Or hair ties. They are put into the universe expressly to torture us.

Want some advice? (No, probably not. What you want is to find that doggone pacifier and get your calm baby back).

Get rid of all but one.

Seriously. We survived with a single pacifier over two years and a cross-country move.

And by get rid of, I don’t mean hide all but one in the back of a closet. I mean get rid of.

It’s amazing how much better we keep track of things when they are precious to us…just think about your one smartphone.  And one pacifier is much more precious than 13.

This applies to many things in life. We have one water bottle for each of our kids. And you know what? We don’t lose them nearly as much as when we had three.

When you have fewer things, it’s easier to have a place for everything. And when you have a place for everything, things don’t get lost nearly as easily.

Now, I haven’t arrived. We still manage to lose things in our fairly uncluttered two bedroom apartment. It happens. But it happens a lot less when there’s less stuff to keep track of.

Have you ever paired something down in order to keep better track of it? Do you find your life is easier with fewer things?