Star Wars counts as learning, right?
Star Wars counts as learning, right?

I haven’t talked a whole lot about homeschooling around here. In some ways this year doesn’t seem much different from other years: we’re still huge fans of life-long learning, we still put high value on free play, but this year we are officially homeschooling kindergarten. So today I’m linking up with Simple Homeschool to give you a glimpse into our typical daily life.

6:15 The light turns green and the kids get up. Occasionally one or both will sleep past 6:15 and this is a welcome bonus. But for now I’m just super grateful we’ve found a way to avoid seeing the 5:00 hour.

After wake up, we snuggle for a while, eat breakfast while listening to a chapter of the Bible, get ready for the day, do our morning chores, have one-on-one time, and then the kids play while I finish cleaning up or check email and/or Facebook for a bit.

Around 9 or 10 (I try to never interrupt happily playing children) we get into our formal schoolwork. This involves a reading lesson, a math lesson, and some writing (usually involving a thank you note or birthday card or something else that relates well to daily life). After our core subjects are taken care of, we dive into whatever my 6 year old is currently interested in. Right now, it’s the planets.

Lunch follows some more free play and we usually have a chapter book going at lunch time.

After lunch everyone has relaxing time (my main sanity saver) followed by the kids each getting to pick out a show. The rest of the afternoon is flexible with lots more time for free play before Daddy gets home from work.

We read another chapter book at dinnertime and then work on cleaning up and getting ready for bed.

On Wednesdays our 6 year old heads to homeschool classes provided by a local public school system. She does swimming, math games, art, science lab, and underwater explorations. She loves it and it gives my 2 year old and I some special one-on-one time.

That’s pretty much it. We’re eclectic homeschoolers which means we draw from lots of different philosophies to make our homeschooling work. We homeschool year round which means it’s no big deal when we need to take an unplanned day (or week) off here or there. When we get a 50 degree day in February we can skip lessons and head outside. And when there’s a 90 degree day in August we can spend the afternoon doing some math before heading to the beach. Sometimes the kids play super well together all morning so I move our lessons until after relaxing time. The flexibility of homeschooling is one of my favorite things about it.

How about you? Do you homeschool or are you considering it? What does your day look like?

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