This winter has been much more mild than the last two Michigan winters. Thank goodness! But it’s still rough facing down the month of February so I jumped at the chance to join Anne and jot down what’s saving me this winter (see last winter’s list here).

Milder Weather

As already mentioned, it’s been more mild around here lately and this meant my friend and I were able to walk all the way through December. It’s been about a month since we’ve been able to do it and I’m starting to lose it. But it looks like we might be able to get our 6am walk in one day soon. Here’s to hoping!

Teaching Independence

What a difference a year makes. Last year my son wasn’t able to navigate snow and ice on his own two feet. This year he’s rocking his brand new boots (that he can put on himself) and it’s seriously saving my sanity. My daughter can now get down and hang up snow gear and buckle herself into her seat while I’m tending to her brother. It’s still so easy to forget to teach my kiddos independence and so tempting to do stuff for them in the interest of time. But teaching independence always pays off in the long run!

Our Library’s Hold System

I love, love, love our library. I especially love that I can request books for myself, the kids, and school for my oldest from the comfort of my couch. I know this technology has been around for a while, but I’m still super grateful I don’t have to trek into the library with kiddos in tow and search high and low for a particular book while navigating gloves, and hats, and boots. Plus I have access to several other libraries and they’re super fast about it, too!


Because fresh winter produce is hard to come by and it’s remaking my egg tortilla wraps in the morning.

A Media Break

I’ve got to say, I don’t usually shut down media in the middle of winter. But we all had the stomach bug last week and the kiddos spent a crazy amount of time watching movies and shows. Then Dan left for a few days on a business trip. Let’s just say we weren’t recovering well. So I’ve banned all movies and shows for the kiddos for at least a week. It’s been three days and we are all so much happier. I’m also being more mindful of my media intake and making sure I’m giving the kids lots of undivided attention.

So how about you? What’s saving your sanity this winter?