1. Moving fast is worth it

Even though we just moved across town, we moved everything in one evening. It was worth it not to drag the process out (especially since our two year old was super confused). And we even got our full security deposit from our apartment back!

2. We’re in the big leagues now

This month my oldest and I have discussed sex, love, friendship, divorce, adoption, whether or not it’s okay to like some people better than others, gay marriage, and literal and figurative language as it pertains to the creation story. And let me tell you, I’m not the one broaching these subjects! It’s a little bit tricky navigating these waters, but I am so grateful she feels comfortable asking questions. And it’s fun to wrestle through more complex topics with her.

3. Cat dander is sticky

The house we moved into had cats. Apparently cat dander can stick around for up to 6 months after the cat is gone. And it sticks to everything and requires some scrubbing to get off. We’ve (with lots of help) been wiping down our ceilings and walls, vacuuming and cleaning carpets, etc. etc. to help my horribly allergic husband feel better faster.

4. Springing forward is awesome

My kids are sleeping past 6 now. I definitely dread falling back again.

5. The vast benefits of the great outdoors

I’ve always been a proponent of outside play. But up until now we’ve lived in an apartment which made it harder to get out every day. Now we have a fenced in back yard and the kiddos are out having a blast for hours almost every day. They’re sleeping better, listening better, and their mama has a bit of her sanity back.

6. We like Star Wars

Until recently none of us had ever seen Star Wars. We’ve watched the first two movies now (four and five) and we’re hooked.

What have you learned in March?

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