April 2nd vs. April 17th
1. How quickly we forget

We watched our adorable one-year old nephew this month. Even though he’s less than two years younger than our youngest, I was amazed by how much I’d forgotten about one-year olds. Their sweet open mouth kisses, their easy excitement, and their ability to get into places you forgot existed!

2. Self-care is worth it

How often I lay this aside. But a haircut and a night out with friends will do wonders.

3. Oh yeah, this is Michigan

It snowed this month. Several times. The snow stuck. And the roads were actually quite slippery at times. And then, twice this month it’s reached 78 degrees….we went to the beach in April. The kids wore their suits and went up to their knees in (very cold) Lake Michigan. Craziness.

4. Sometimes the hard work of parenting pays off

One of our kiddos is extra emotional. We’ve worked super hard at identifying emotions and how to calm down when overwhelmed. Twice this month we’ve seen this hard work come to fruition. Deep breaths actually worked! And our kiddo was even able to focus on all the good things in our lives, instead of the one thing that wasn’t going well. Yippee!

What have you learned in April?

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