Knowledgeis only

You know what’s fun?

Coming up with real-life solutions to perplexing problems. Solving the mystery of something that isn’t working quite right. Analyzing a dilemma until the perfect fix is found. This may or may not sound like a blast to you, but as an INTJ, I love theorizing. And planning. And tweaking.

What I don’t love?

Doing the actual work. If I could get paid to simply troubleshoot while others implement, I’d be one happy woman. But I don’t. And even if that were my job, I’d still have to implement in my personal life.

And what good is knowledge or theory or a plan without actualization?

So this week, all of us planners and dreamers, let’s take what we know and apply it. Let’s refuse to be paralyzed by the lack of perfection and get to work. Let’s let our knowledge live in our muscle.

What’s something you’re going to move from plan to action this week?