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The Chief Inspector Gamache Series by Louise Penny










Since March, I’ve read books two through six and am currently well into book seven. These cozy mysteries are page turners, but also thought-provoking. I’ve stopped and read quotes out of them to my husband. Here are some of my favorite. Note: this series does contain some adult language.

“When someone stabs you it’s not your fault that you feel pain.” ~A Fatal Grace

“She knew that kindness kills. All her life she’d suspected this and so she’d only ever been cold and cruel. She’d faced kindness with cutting remarks. She’d curled her lips at smiling faces. She’d twisted every thoughtful, considerate act into an assault. Everyone who was nice to her, who was compassionate and loving, she rebuffed.

Because she’d loved them. Loved them with all her heart, and wouldn’t see them hurt. Because she’d known all her life that the surest way to hurt someone, to maim and cripple them, was to be kind. If people were exposed, they die. Best to teach them to be armored, even if it meant she herself was forever alone. Sealed off from human touch.” ~The Cruelest Month

“…believing sarcasm and rude remarks kept the monsters at bay. They didn’t.” ~A Rule Against Murder

“Most unhappiness comes from not being able to sit quietly in a room.” ~The Brutal Telling

“Gamache nodded. It was what made his job so fascinating, and so difficult. How the same person could be both kind and cruel, compassionate and wretched. Unraveling a murder was more about getting to know the people than the evidence. People who were contrary and contradictory, and who often didn’t even know themselves.”  ~Bury Your Dead


I’ve finally finished Rising Strong. It’s only taken me eight months. With Brown’s other books (which I highly recommend) I found myself nodding along, getting a ton out of them, but the information and advice was easily synthesized (though certainly not always followed). This book, however, was a bit out of my grasp. I had to really think through what she was saying and wrestle with the concepts. I just kept picking it up, reading a bit, and putting it back down to mull over for a few days. Or weeks. Now that I’ve finished and am thumbing back through it, it all makes much more sense. Perhaps I’ll have to reread this one sooner rather than later.











As a family, we’ve reread Charlotte’s Web and just finished Sarah, Plain and Tall. We’ve been having fun looking at the differences between the books and the movies. Even our three-year old has noticed (and been greatly annoyed with) some of the differences.

What have you been reading lately?

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