This morning,

We confess that we’ve been silent. Not standing up for the weak and powerless.

We confess that we’ve allowed our stubborness to get in the way of really listening to those whose lives look different from ours, whose opinions are not our own.

We confess that we have lied to ourselves, unwilling to invite the Spirit to show us the true condition of our hearts.

We confess that our focus has been on the speck in our neighbor’s eye, ignoring the plank in our own.

We confess our desire to ignore the pervasiveness of our sin and its devastating effect on us and those around us.

We confess that we are quick to judge and quick to anger.

We confess our lust for power that has broken relationships.

We confess the greed and envy that consumes our thoughts.

We confess that our pride has allowed us to think we are the source of good.

We confess that we have forgotten to lean on the One whose Kingdom comes.

Lord forgive us.