My 3-year old's rendition of a sea turtle
My 3-year old’s rendition of a sea turtle
Once every 108 years, you gotta be flexible

I had just written in October about the need for our family to slow down. And then the Cubs won the World Series. Woohoo! And with friends we were missing in Chicago and a victory parade to watch, how could we say no to a quick trip? We went and had a blast and it was a good reminder to be flexible when a once in lifetime opportunity comes your way. And we did get some good down time between the Chicago trip and Thanksgiving.

Parenting doesn’t get easier, but it does get different

This month my 7-year old and I have talked about abused and exploited girls, navigated all sorts of friendship situations, and learned to be grateful when we feel like we just want more, more, more. Phew. Parenting continues to reveal how much I have to learn as I attempt to parent my beautiful, flawed child alongside my beautiful, flawed self.

But hey, there are some major perks. The other day when Dan and I both woke up feeling sick, she got herself and her brother breakfast and put on a movie for them. So there’s hope, moms of babies and toddlers!

The importance of free play

The best part of homeschooling are the days we take off from formal schooling and I watch my kids grow and develop without any input from me. I love to hear their imaginations run wild. It reminds me that learning often happens when we least expect it.

There’s so much to be thankful for

When I stop and take the time to reflect on the life I have, I never cease to be amazed at how much there is to be thankful for. It can be so easy to start feeling like we deserve things, to compare ourselves to others, or to be tempted to despair before, during, and after a difficult election season. But when we stop and think about all the good and perfect gifts that have come from above, we remember to be grateful for enough and to share our plenitude with others.

What have you learned in November?