Our daughter delivering one of her many homemade presents
In Real Life

December was full of friends and family. Our seven-year old spent nearly all of December making handmade gifts that she gave out at parties and hand delivered a few days before Christmas.We got together with both Dan’s and my family before Christmas and enjoyed our usual relaxed Christmas Day at home with just the four of us.

We went really low key on the Christmas activities this year. I put up our homemade Advent calendar, but we didn’t actually do something every day. We did drive around to see lights and we went to sit on Santa’s lap, but we didn’t do a whole lot else.

Maybe that’s why this is the year we followed through on Advent better than other years. We lit candles each night, learned an Advent prayer together, and read out of the The Jesus Storybook Bible. Our three-year old is very upset that Advent is over: he absolutely loved the prayer and lighting of candles.

Since I have a strict no Christmas talk/singing/fun before Thanksgiving rule, we try to enjoy the full 12 days of Christmas. So we’ve spent the last few days of December reading Christmas books and watching Christmas movies, playing Ticket To Ride, and otherwise enjoying our new presents.

Media & Music

I finished Gilmore Girls earlier this month. Those last four words. Not what I expected. Well, not how I expected it. But, I suppose it has come full-circle. I didn’t like the reboot as much as the original series. But that wouldn’t keep me from watching more if the reboot continued…

We probably watch more movies in December than any other month. We watched A Charlie Brown Christmas more than once, along with How The Grinch Stole Christmas, Polar Express, and Elf. We tried watching The Muppet Christmas Carol and the kids were simply uninterested. Maybe next year. Dan and I watched our own version of the Christmas Carol: Scrooged with Bill Murray.

Other than that we’ve been listening to a lot of Advent and Christmas playlists on Spotify.


Here’s what I’ve been reading lately.

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