Stuff we did and loved in November.

In Real Life

We raked a whole lot of leaves in November. We have several huge trees in our yard that gave us hours of raking fun. Well, at least hours of jumping fun. We had Dan’s staff team and their families over earlier this month so we raked up a huge pile of leaves for the kids (and some of the adults) to jump in. A phone may have been lost in the pile, but we had lots of great helpers and it was found fairly quickly.

These trees produce a lot of leaves
These trees produce a lot of leaves

We also headed to Chicago to watch the World Series victory parade! We visited with two sets of good friends while we were there and spent a lot of time reminiscing about living in Chicago.

You know it's historical when even Fourth Presbyterian flies the W
You know it’s historical when even Fourth Presbyterian flies the W

After it was all said and done our son was rather tuckered out and fell asleep on our friends’ bathroom floor with a towel over his head. No worries, we removed said towel and put him in bed.



Of course, after staying up late for the World Series, followed by a whirlwind weekend in Chicago and a late election night, we were exhausted: emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Though I don’t write about who I vote for on the internet (though I’m happy to talk about it one-on-one), I thought this article by Ed Stetzer and Laurie Nichols was helpful as I’ve been processing the results and the rhetoric. Here’s an excerpt: “Our biblical mandate is to care for the marginalized, to walk alongside those who have been victims of prejudice and abuse, to embrace those who are different than us in background and belief…”

Thanksgiving came fast and was a packed weekend with two formal Thanksgiving dinners, breakfast with Dan’s siblings, dinner with my siblings, and breakfast with some old friends. And watching the Michigan game, but we don’t want to talk about that. We even slept in on Thanksgiving Day as my inlaws watched the kiddos!

Dinner with my siblings

Two nights ago we went to our Christmas parade in jeans and sweatshirts and weren’t even cold as we collected candy canes. That was a first and I can’t say I minded. Our tree is decorated; the nativity scene is up. Advent has begun. And now we wait.


I’m three-fourths of the way through the Gilmore Girls Revival. I’m struggling with it. And I hear people don’t like the ending so we’ll see. There were a few things I definitely didn’t want to see happen and I’m afraid things might be headed that way. Also, Rory and I are the exact same age and I’m having trouble relating to her that way. Maybe it’s because I watched the original season two years ago instead of in real time so I always saw Rory as younger. Or maybe it’s because there are some things in Rory I want to hope most 32-year olds are over.


I refuse to do Christmas music (or decorations) until after Thanksgiving. So now it’s all about the Christmas music. Relient K’s Let it Snow album is one of my favorites.


Here’s what I’ve been reading in November.

What have you been up to in November?

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