Stacking wood at the cabin
In Real Life

January and February were a bit fuller than usual. A nephew was born, we had visitors for a weekend, Dan spent five days in Belize for work, and another nephew spent a few days hanging out with us so his parents could have a break. Our daughter thoroughly enjoyed her favorite night of the year – the Daddy Daughter Dance. We also painted the living room, hallways, and dining room. Thankfully the four of us snuck up to my parents’ cabin two times to read, recharge, play Ticket to Ride, and check out the frozen lake.

Last week we enjoyed the unseasonably warm weather. The kids spent many hours outside and my daughter asked me if she could don her bathing suit. We also spent time with friends and had some really good conversations with our kids these last couple of months that reminded me of the importance of fostering open communication (though in the middle of one conversation, I was really ready for my kiddo’s curiosity to wane).

My website got hacked in the midst of all this and it took longer than I would’ve liked to fix it. In the meantime, I believe some old posts were sent out. Hopefully everything is back to normal now, but if you notice something unusual, please email me.

Music and Media

I’ve been alternating between hymns playlists and Twenty One Pilots on Spotify, this excellent podcast about emotional agility, and The Art of Simple’s podcasts.

While Dan was gone in Belize I binge watched The Crown on Netflix. I loved it and can’t wait for more seasons to come out. Other than that I’ve been reading a lot and look forward to sharing them with you soon.

What have you been up to in February?

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