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Hi! I’m Steph.

I hate clutter. And a full calendar. And debt. So, I wanna live simply. Because it’s so much less stressful and more awesome!

I love learning. As long as no one is telling me what, when and how to do it. 🙂 So I’m pretty passionate about life-long learning. And inspiring my kids to follow suit.

But mostly I’m passionate about loving deeper and harder and with scandalous amounts of grace. About my kiddos growing up knowing the rules aren’t the point. That loving God and each other deeply makes for the grittiest existence, the lightest yoke, an often heavy heart and an unexplainable joy.

I’m not so good at the loving part. It’s harder than the rest. It’s fewer checklists and more messiness. It’s less agenda and more relationship.

It requires grace given. And received. Questions without easy answers. Assuming the best…even when I really don’t want to. Showing instead of telling. Walking alongside instead of fixing. Allowing others and myself to rest in who God made us to be.

So I’m stumbling along here. And I’d love it if you’d stumble with me.

For the record…

I have an awesome husband. We got married young and have been at it for a while now…I still like him. A lot.

My two ginger kiddos changed me forever. In a great way. Pregnancy was rough. Transitioning to motherhood was even harder but they’ve taught me so much…mainly a different, deeper kind of love than I thought possible. I’m proud to be their mama.