Finding the Magic

A Tuesday in Early Spring The kids head to the backyard around 8:30 and play well together until lunch. During my daughter's favorite ballet class, my son and I got to explore a trail for 45 minutes. "You be a storm trooper and I'll be Han Solo. I found a stick! Be mama…
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Loving Others

On Assumptions

  As we finish up our week, what if we set aside our assumptions? About our spouse's motives. About what's going on inside our kid's head. About our coworkers' intentions. What if instead we ask questions? What if we stop assuming that people know what we're thinking or what we mean…
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Personal Growth


The Cabin Lake We've been back in Michigan for almost three years. And at least once a week I stop, realizing how grateful I am to be here. Close to family. Close to the family cabin (and hence nearly free vacations). Close to Lake Michigan. Able to experience sledding and idyllic…
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On Doing the Work

You know what's fun? Coming up with real-life solutions to perplexing problems. Solving the mystery of something that isn't working quite right. Analyzing a dilemma until the perfect fix is found. This may or may not sound like a blast to you, but as an INTJ, I love theorizing. And…
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