Indulging in Skipping

Do you ever desperately want to skip out on something?  A lunch date, a concert, a work meeting, brushing your preschooler's teeth?  While we cannot often indulge in skipping without serious consequences - broken friendships, lack of culture, getting fired or a huge dental bill and mommy guilt - sometimes skipping something you're "supposed" to go to is just the indulgence you need to remain sane. And that's just what…
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A Word About Miracles & Milestones

I've never instructed my daughter to use her imagination; I don't even remember when imaginative play is supposed to begin.  This, in and of itself, is a small miracle.  The perfectionist in me, coupled with a few developmental psych classes wants to look up every possible "milestone" and help my kiddo reach it as early as possible.  Thankfully, copious amounts of spit-up, mustard colored poop, sleepless nights and a few…
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Back Porch

  When the day starts with a crying toddler at 1 am my desire for a do-over starts before it's even light out.  And 16 meltdowns later I was still wishing for a do-over.  But today we did our meltdowns differently.  We ignored laundry day.  We both took a nap.  And as the temperature creeped up from 39 degrees to 73 we decided to be thankful - for warm weather…
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