Mike Pence, the Billy Graham Rule, and my Pastor-Husband

A few weeks back, a story broke about Mike Pence's decision not to eat alone with women other than his wife (sometimes referred to as the Billy Graham Rule). There's been praise for his commitment to his marriage, accusations of sexism, and many discussions about gender and the workplace. As a pastor's wife, sometimes I'm asked my opinion on the Billy Graham Rule. People want to know if I'm okay with…
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I Pray for You on Sundays

I wouldn't call myself a woman of prayer. If I say I'll pray for you, I do. Often right then and there so I don't forget. And sometimes again later. But praying without ceasing is so far beyond my sights it still doesn't quite register. But I pray for you on Sundays. Never during prayer time in the service. I'm too distracted by the mass of people and what the…
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As a Kiddo

Go Over Their Heads

We've heard baby talk is bad. We know the importance of talking to our babies even though they don't understand. Babies need to hear things they can't possibly understand so they can develop speech and understanding. But what about our toddlers and preschoolers? What about our school-age kids? It can be so tempting to think we need to curate everything to their level. But just like babies, our young kids learn so…
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As a Grownup

On Generational Strongholds & Hope

Dear Kiddo, Lately when something goes wrong you respond with, "Oh great," and then proceed to list every bad thing that's happened over the last 24 hours. I'm sorry to say you come by it honestly. Both your dad and I are good at making lists of the all the bad and ignoring all the good. Whether by nature or nurture, you've got the pessimism gene all wrapped up in…
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Live Simply

How We Do Christmas

I come from a family that isn't super fond of Christmas in general. If you ask my three siblings, they'll tell you we're all a little bah humbug about it. The season often feels a bit too hyped up and materialistic and stressful. There are so many expectations of presents and presence all around that sometimes nixing the whole thing sounds pleasant. But then I had kids. And the joy that small…
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Love Deeply

When the Unthinkable Happens

The news far away and close to home is often unbelievably tragic. This summer I took a nap and had a nightmare about an acquaintance whose son had recently died. I couldn't find any words to say to him and woke up panicked. Especially since one of our kiddos tripped and fell into a lake the day before my dream. (All was fine: it was very shallow and said kid was quickly plucked out…
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Use the Mixing Bowls

We have this set of vintage pyrex nesting mixing bowls from the 1950s. My mom had  two sets and handed one over when we got married. According to etsy, they are going for about $170. That is, if we had all four of them. And they were in perfect condition. But we don't. And they're not. But every time my mom is over and sees them she tells me, "You really shouldn't…
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