A Prayer of Confession

This morning, We confess that we've been silent. Not standing up for the weak and powerless. We confess that we've allowed our stubborness to get in the way of really listening to those whose lives look different from ours, whose opinions are not our own. We confess that we have lied…
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Loving Others

On Assumptions

  As we finish up our week, what if we set aside our assumptions? About our spouse's motives. About what's going on inside our kid's head. About our coworkers' intentions. What if instead we ask questions? What if we stop assuming that people know what we're thinking or what we mean…
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Love Deeply

Sibling Stories

Because who doesn't have a random picture with their siblings in the middle of the road? Every time we get together we tell the same stories. We laugh about one brother pushing the other through the big picture window. We cringe as we recall that after weeks of begging us to help her,…
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Live Simply

When You’re Vacillating Between Jealousy and Judgment

My life often feels a bit countercultural. We haven't done preschool. We homeschool. We only have one car. (And a moped). The four of us live in a two bedroom apartment. We try to embrace our limits. The kids aren't super involved in extracurricular activities. We work really hard not to have…
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