In my undergrad abnormal psychology class we discussed the definition of "normal" regularly throughout the semester.   The conclusion: "normal" is hard to define. So let's stop it.  Let's stop comparing our kids to their friends.  Let's stop scrutinizing our parenting based on cultural "norms." Besides, I have a hunch…
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Loving Others

When You Go Back

No matter how well our parents raised us, it's inevitable that we now have different ideas about life - especially when it comes to kids.  Last year, my husband, daughter and I stayed home for Christmas and enjoyed it immensely.  This year we planned to do the same but life…
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Indulging in Skipping

Do you ever desperately want to skip out on something?  A lunch date, a concert, a work meeting, brushing your preschooler's teeth?  While we cannot often indulge in skipping without serious consequences - broken friendships, lack of culture, getting fired or a huge dental bill and mommy guilt - sometimes…
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