Tonight I'm thankful for people who do the right thing - especially when it's hard.  I'm thankful for people willing to listen even when it hurts.  I'm grateful for people who stand up for truth even if it's costly.  And I'm thankful for people who apologize for their part in creating a problem.  Thanks for doing the right thing and for encouraging me to do the same.
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Back Porch

  When the day starts with a crying toddler at 1 am my desire for a do-over starts before it's even light out.  And 16 meltdowns later I was still wishing for a do-over.  But today we did our meltdowns differently.  We ignored laundry day.  We both took a nap.  And as the temperature creeped up from 39 degrees to 73 we decided to be thankful - for warm weather…
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